BEYOND carries the CO2 neutral hosting to the continuous expansion of electricity generation from renewable resources. Host Europe gathers information on contractors and only opts for a vendor that operates an environmentally friendly way to 100% and it is fit for the company’s philosophy. In the company’s history Host Europe has already let plant 80,000 trees and ensures participation by the Plant a Tree program for CO2 neutralization in the atmosphere.

The technical infrastructure in the enterprise is made ​​possible by the construction of the data center and it is a direct saving in energy of 25%. By free cooling and an additional 33% by EC fans with stepless control saves additional 22%. In use, there is only energy-saving hardware from leading brand manufacturers. In the manufacture of the hardware are omitted toxic substances such as lead.

Host Europe applies this concept as a pioneer in green hosting. The concept of sustainability, the responsible use of resources and the efficient use of energy of a Reseller know to persuade and give a clear signal in terms of environmental protection. Nevertheless, the company is self-critical in Opens external link in new window Sustainability Report of 2012 on the objectives and provides for further development in any case place up.


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