How to protect your website from hackers

According to the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the number of exploited vulnerabilities increases. Those who observe some basic rules, the risk of data theft & Co. is enormous.

Have you ever visited your website and wondered about unknown content? No? Lucky, because the number of hacked websites are increasing due to the rapid exploitation of security gaps.

A prominent recent example of a successful hack attempt: the homepage of the German Child Protection Agency (DKSB). Due to a security vulnerability is unknown procured access to the homepage of the association and modified the contents of the home, was then taken on the critically for a few hours on the previously adopted law against child pornography reference. This brought the child protection agency not only negative reports about the security of its website, but also unprepared maintenance with a several-hour failure of the website. This unpleasant incident could have been avoided with some Observe rules.

A must-have software updates

Typo3, Joomla & Co. are many home-owners directly, a term which software packages still provide the opportunity quickly and professionally build a website without any programming knowledge on the Internet or supplement. However, the free software often has a catch: Because the code is freely available offers hackers a way to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in the code.

BEYOND carries the CO2 neutral hosting to the continuous expansion of electricity generation from renewable resources. Host Europe gathers information on contractors and only opts for a vendor that operates an environmentally friendly way to 100% and it is fit for the company’s philosophy. In the company’s history Host Europe has already let plant 80,000 trees and ensures participation by the Plant a Tree program for CO2 neutralization in the atmosphere.

The technical infrastructure in the enterprise is made ​​possible by the construction of the data center and it is a direct saving in energy of 25%. By free cooling and an additional 33% by EC fans with stepless control saves additional 22%. In use, there is only energy-saving hardware from leading brand manufacturers. In the manufacture of the hardware are omitted toxic substances such as lead.

Host Europe applies this concept as a pioneer in green hosting. The concept of sustainability, the responsible use of resources and the efficient use of energy of a Reseller know to persuade and give a clear signal in terms of environmental protection. Nevertheless, the company is self-critical in Opens external link in new window Sustainability Report of 2012 on the objectives and provides for further development in any case place up.

Especially in the digital age environment and sustainability play a major role. An energy saving web hosting environment is not unnecessarily burdened and so created an extremely important part to preserve the planet.
When Pro-Air-Webhosting is placed on a sustainable corporate philosophy for the conscious and responsible use of resources, the environment and humans. An energy-efficient operation and low CO2 emissions in the company are two aspects to which great importance is attached in green web hosting.

The energy saving concept of Opens external link in new window hosteurope provides for the use of natural resources for power generation. For the most part, the company takes advantage of hydropower energy gained and relies 100% on the ok-power label, not only the decision for green energy, but also efficiently work on the agenda of the company. With its corporate philosophy Host Europe is the first web host with Green IT specialization.

As all power providers meet with the Opens external link in new windowok-Power Seal of Approval numerous environmental criteria and conditions used here are only electricity from renewable energy sources. Since the energy production from renewable resources releases that in nuclear power, the company is already making the reference of green electricity as important contribution to CO2 reduction and a cleaner environment.